Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris: After the Discussion


Our Group’s Rating of this Book: 3.5 Magnifying Glasses star-rating-3-5

What a lovely time we had at our first meeting of Mysteries at the Inn on March 2, 2017. We discussed the book Behind Closed Doors by author B.A. Paris. There were 13 of us in attendance, and the conversation was wonderful!

Behind Closed Doors is the first novel written and published by the author. While novel falls under the mystery genre, our group was in agreement that it felt more like a psychological thriller. If you’re looking for a mystery that you presents clues along the way where you can “solve” a mystery, this might not be the book for you. However, if you’re looking for a book that takes you on a journey into the deepest, darkest parts of human psyche, then you will enjoy this debut title.

Our group discussed a few key points regarding the book. First, while the past-present format that the author uses to tell the story could be a bit hard to follow at times, many of us thought it helped to keep the story moving along–especially during the middle chapters where some of us felt the writing fell flat and a bit dull at times.

Second, many of us found Grace’s character to be a bit hard to identify with because of her naivety, and her willingness to  drop her entire life to be complacent with Jack’s requests before they married and she discovered he was a psychopath; however, we could explain it with the fact that she was so enamored and charmed by this seemingly perfect man who showed her and her sister, Millie, the love that she has for so long desired. The fact that he was willing to accept her and Millie in a way that even their parents could not was enough to sweep Grace off her feet. She was blinded by love and unable to see those red flags that the reader clearly could.

Third, our group found Millie’s character to be refreshing. I personally loved that the author presented Millie, a person with Down’s Syndrome, to be smart, clever, and intuitive. A member of my family whom I love dearly has Down’s Syndrome, and it was so incredibly remarkable to see a character presented in a way that I see my loved one.

Finally, our group discussed our appreciation for the fact that the author left gruesome and crude details out of the book. The twisted ways of Jack were gory enough, and we were happy to be spared the gross and imprudent details that unfortunately so often dominate these types of novels. Kudos to the author here!

Overall, our group gave this book a rating of 3.5 out of 5 magnifying glasses! We’d love to hear your thoughts on Behind Closed Doors, so please feel free to comment and chat in response to this post! We hope you’ll join us next time at Mysteries at the Inn!



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